A Favorite Scene from the Book

On the night before the Battle of Talla, Caleb surprises Prince Jadon by leading hundreds of his immigrant friends into the prince’s camp – more volunteers than Jadon has soldiers.

But these men are farmers, not soldiers.

A few torches flicker in the darkness of the early morning as Jadon addresses these immigrants, challenges them to defend their families and to fight evil men who threaten their the right to live freely. He asks if they will join him, but no one responds, no one moves . . .  until Caleb kneels before his friend, the prince of Darsinia, and bows his head. The soldiers gathered to see what’s happening in their camp are stunned by what the farmers do.

I remember the emotion I felt writing that scene.  Even though I know what’s coming, I still experience it each time I re-read it now.

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