About Caleb the Farmer

Though Prince Devin and Avri of Talla are the main characters of my story, Avri’s son, Caleb, is also pivotal to it.  When I’ve been asked to talk about his character, the first thing I think of is his kindness to and acceptance of others, especially the Pyrrian immigrants.  He knows many of them have been mistreated and even abused by his countrymen. He doesn’t understand that hatred because his bond with them is an emotional one, respectful, even protective.

Over Caleb’s young life, Prince Jadon has become his best friend.  He lacks an awareness of royal protocol and often stumbles over it where the prince is involved. Though he knows Jadon is royal and he is not, he just doesn’t think about it when they are together. He considers Jadon his friend first, at least until the fight with the Malechians nears. Then, for the first time, he follows Jadon as his prince, his leader and commander. His friendship with Jadon translates into intense loyalty.

It is challenging for Caleb to become his own man living in the shadow of his father — the king’s lifelong friend and a notable Friend of the Realm. Yet, when Jadon needs him to take a larger role as their enemy becomes stronger, Caleb is ready. When Avri tells him that younger men must now step forward and serve both the Holy One and Darsinia, Caleb is ready.

Caleb is… a farmer. Simple and unassuming. Faithful, kind and selfless.

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