Avri of Talla

Avri of Talla is a private man.

He had found the cave, where the family hides when Darsinia’s conflict worsens, when he was a boy. He never told anyone about it. Mya and Nathan eventually learned of it, but Caleb is the only one who’d ever been there besides Avri.

The mystic’s prophecy pronounced over Avri, also when he was boy, was something he never discussed with his father, not even on the day it had happened. Mya didn’t know of the prophecy. Neither did Caleb. Yet, every day, Avri lived with the memory of the smelly, frightening shepherd’s words.

Even when Elyon was miraculously working through Avri, he barely mentioned it.

It’s interesting that I didn’t notice this as the story developed, but it’s very evident to me now.

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