The Cave

I’ve written a few plays and short stories before. I even wrote a serial story for a small student publication once. In that tale, I

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Casualties of Evil

One man’s choice – an awful, selfish choice – destroyed his family and plunged his entire country into a civil war. He severed the bonds

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Prince Devin

“The cook trembled as he spoke. Everything about the princefrightened the smaller man. Devin’s irascible manner and abrasive voice, his pale, hawkish face, even his

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“[Avri] glanced at his wife and smiled. He thought again how thankful he was for her. The years had been kind to Mya; he still

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Malechia Backstory

The brothers Malech and Kotor once profited by shipping textiles, spices and raw materials among the villages on the shores of the Northern Sea. Greedy

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The Villains

Every good story needs a bad guy. This one has two: Amal and Kiral. These brothers are very large men who use their physical size

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