Darsinia’s Villages and Cities

LARSA is the capital city of Darsinia. It sits on a high mountain’s crest at the foot of the even higher Pyrrian Mountains.  The white city gleams before the sheer steel-gray cliffs of the Pyrrian Mountains. Palace towers reach upward above the city’s formidable limestone walls.

TALLA is a small village at the intersection of two packed earth roads. Its bronzed walls rise abruptly amid the surrounding wheat fields. Despite an active market in its streets, it rests in a tranquil setting, the last stop before a traveler heads into the rolling hills of the Elivan Mountains.

Darsinians visit SHAKKO DAR to enjoy the cool water of the lake and the serenity of its heavily wooded hills. The summer palace is a rustic compound of buildings and a network of shaded paths, situated above the lake. The village is a tight cluster of cramped inns, tiny shops and single-room taverns on the water’s edge.

CIRTKE is a poor fishing village on the coast of the Northern Islands archipelago. Its piers are heaved and twisted, derelict with missing boards and railings. Weeds grow well among rocks in the area’s sandy soil. Life is hard for the immigrant farmers who scratch out a meager existence here.

KRIVA is the largest city in the land. Thousands of two-room earthen homes spread out from the Shakko River’s banks and engulf the city’s core of markets, shops of prosperous merchants and Darsinia’s only university. Nomads from the Vokan Desert, south of the river, trade here with Pyrrian shepherds and Darsinian farmers. The sprawling city is arid, crowded and thriving.

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