Questions from the Readers

Where did you find all the names of characters and places?

Many of them came from my imagination: Avri, Mya, Talla, Darsinia. Some of them are names of family members and friends (though the spelling may be changed): Castor, Camdyn. Many have biblical origin: Caleb, Simon, Mary, Debra. Still more came from what I call “name generators” on the internet. Even then, I played with spellings and endings: Farram, Arterias, Namir, Shakko Dar, Cirtke and Kriva.

Did you have any real people in mind as you created the characters?

No. The characters have attributes and personality I imagined for them, but none were intentionally reflective of real people. Avri has a strong paternalistic bent. That shows throughout the story. Mya is very independent, though she and Avri rely often on the strength of the other. Sometimes Mya is funny without intending to be and endearing when she is only acting on the impulses of her heart.

Devin is evil personified. I needed his character to be as evil as I imagined many Old Testament kings to be — ruthless, devious, manipulative and self-interested above all else.

“Any likeness to anyone, living or dead, is purely unintentional.” Ha!

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