The Process of Creating the Story

I’ve been asked about my process in creating the story of When the King is Evil. It’ll take more than one post to answer that, but here’s how it began …

I usually have no trouble falling asleep. If I do, I create a story in my mind, sorta like telling myself a “ bedtime story.” 🙂

A recurring one began with a donkey pulling a farm cart over a city’s cobbled streets, late at night. (I don’t know where that image came from.) Eventually, I noticed the farmer and his family and later still, I was able to add their names.

Because I had told myself this story frequently, I decided to try to put it on paper. I worked on that opening scene at least 50 times, re-ordering the sequence; choosing the right word; trying to write vividly, but simply; adding dialogue.

Once that was done, I sketched out a possible plot, but I really didn’t know where the story was going. I just wrote and re-wrote as characters developed and the plot evolved.

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