When the King is Evil: A Tale of Faith and Civil Conflict


When an evil prince conspires to become king, the medieval country of Darsinia must endure a war between brothers. An immigrant population, despised by the new king, is caught up in the royal conflict and too many of them die. Darsinia’s faith community struggles with the disruption of peace and the hardships of the war. Have they been abandoned by the Holy One? Did he not know about the evil in the new king’s heart? Doesn’t he care about the king’s racism, his total disregard for his own people and the needless wars he will start because of his selfish ambition?

As the evil king begins to reign and life becomes frightening, Avri of Talla reminds the faithful of the timeless truths upon which they must now rely. He counsels the royal family and seeks the help of a foreign leader. Avri surprises his village and fulfills the mystic’s prophecy, pronounced when he was a young boy years ago. In the end, when the Holy One acts as only he can, war-weary and nearly hopeless Darsinians are amazed as he overtly intervenes in the affairs of men.

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About the author

Mike Dixon is by nature an encourager.  He is also a teacher.  In his debut novel, he has used both these gifts hoping to reassure readers in a time of political unrest and division with timeless truths many people not only believe, but hold dear. He is a graduate of Piedmont International University and taught in Christian schools or served as the head of school for twenty years.

Today, he owns a wealth management practice in North Carolina and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  Mike and his wife, Margaret, have two adult sons and one adorable grand-puppy.  They are active members of their evangelical church.

Why I wrote the book

In a college class on the Old Testament years ago, I memorized the kings of Israel and Judah and whether each was a good or bad king. I have forgotten that information, but I’ve carried questions ever since: what about the ordinary people living in those kingdoms? Not everyone was evil because their king was and not all were good when the king was. And what happened to the people when they had an evil king?

Always, they suffered. Yet, there remained those who clung to their faith, reciting His promises even in their despair.

Today, many of us are greatly worried about the political chaos in our country. What will happen if the leader we want loses an election?

When the King is Evil is not about conservatives or progressives. It is about this never changing truth: the Creator of All Things will forever be sovereign in human events. If you are concerned about government leaders and political change, I hope the story of Avri of Talla encourages you.

What people are saying

Shila Schweigert
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Title seemed relevant to today's political climate so I was intrigued how the author would navigate the topics of faith and politics. Loved that it was set in the medieval era, yet all of the characters remained relatable. Finished the book in about a week and was a very enjoyable experience being able to walk through the kingdom of Darsinia with a great map to use at the beginning of the book to know how all of the battle plans and strategies worked together. The unique names and titles in this book truly make it stand out at a higher level. Each character's name ties in well with that character's dynamic and role that they play in the story.
Ed Shaw
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When the King is Evil is a timely work of fiction that has a number of parallels to current national and world events. The characters are well developed through an engaging story of good versus evil. Several thought provoking themes are woven throughout … the allure of power, importance of faith, and cost of doing what is right. The book would be a wonderful read for teens and adults alike, for both secular and Christian readers. I will certainly be on the lookout for more books by Mr. Dixon!
Bruce Dockery
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I really enjoyed reading this book over the last few days! The story is one about faith over fear, trust over doubt. You can’t help but see our current social situation and the lessons we need to learn from it! I recommend it!
Brajan Funes
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This book describes a story of family strife that often calls into question right and wrong amidst embracing one’s spirituality. I felt the characters have rich depth as they are humbled by compelling events as the story pitches an immovable force against and unstoppable one. The book hooked me as there was consistent suspense throughout each chapter is often capturing average townsfolk threading a dangerous needle in a volatile royal affair.
Curt Flinn
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I really enjoyed this read. Great story. The character of God comes through. Your imagination will be stimulated. I would recommend “ When the King is Evil”
Patricia J. Petersen
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Be sure to read the introduction to give you the mindset to get the most our of this medieval tale. You"ll find yourself pondering the interconnectedness of corporate evil and personal sin and the ramifications for leaders and followers. Without spoiling, an evil act by the would-be king sets the tone for us to ask if any of his further acts could be righteous (end justifying means.) Several times along the way the protagonist questions how any remain loyal. Historical parallels abound (Hitler's Germany of course). Behind the interesting story with well fleshed out characters you'll think about how perceived self-interest plays into political alignments and question your own motives and the ramifications of the stands you take. How much "little evil" stacks up to tip the scales on our loyalties? Read more....
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I ordered this book for my husband as a gift for a special occasion. My husband loves history, battle stories, and intrigue, and is a man with strong faith. I knew this novel would become a favorite in our personal library that we would turn to time and time again. Mike Dixon does not disappoint. As an author he writes with such fluidity you could think for a moment that it is as ingrained in Mike as much as retelling a tale from days long ago told to him. He is a masterful story writer. Mike provides the list of characters with personal description and includes a map and a descriptive list of the places of importance so that it is easy to feel the journey along with the characters. I love that my husband and I can refer back to the character page and map page as more people are added and interact and be able to use the map to trek through the pages with the main characters,
Beth M. Lineberry
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Interesting storyline with several plot twists. Avri and other believers in the story lead us to wrestle with our spiritual mandate to follow our God-appointed leaders. This tale gives us a model on how to deal with a leader when he/she appears wrong (actually evil). It was great seeing God come through, when I didn’t expect it. Kind of like real life!

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